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Alpha 7 is an Israeli manufacturer and distributor of fire proof industrial textile insulation products for very high temperature applications, aviation helmet visors anti scratch covers, specialists combat & rescue ladders, portable energy devices,  cyber infrastructure testing solutions, company located in Emek Hefer Industrial Park Israel.

We have a high reputation for consistent quality and service. Alpha 7 is ISO 9001:2015 certified company by the Israeli Standards Institute and by IQ Net in the production of parts, components and advance systems for the defence, security and high-tech industries. We are a registered supplier to the Israeli Ministry of Defence, Police force, Prison Service and more.

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Alpha 7 Limited
Correspondence address
PO Box 20 Rishpon
Israel 4691500


Physical address: 

Alpha 7 Ltd

Golmat Logistical Centre 30 Hacharish St

Emek Hefer Industrial Park Israel 

T: +972 (0) 9 773 7771
F: +972 (0) 72 33 77 424
E: info@alpha7-sys.com



Fire proof high temp. insulation

Backpack Generator

Alpha 7's innovative lightweight family of portable multi fuel power generators can be carried by one operator either as a backpack providing hands free mobility or as a trolley where there is an available hard surface
Designed for outdoor or indoor use our generators produces between 1KVA to 4.2 KVA of AC electricity output, using a choice of power generating technologies.

Tactical Ladders

With covert operations in mind, our Tactical Ladders are designed for silent operation, fitted with rubber wall pads and rubber base. Our Tactical Ladders are lightweight, strong and user friendly and are deployable in seconds
When folded our Tactical Ladder measures only 1.1m (3.3ft) long x 0.4m (1.3ft) wide x 0.40 (1.3ft) deep and can easily be carried in our specially designed backpack harness system.
Alpha 7's Tactical Ladders can connect to other Tactical Ladders increasing operational heights: Aluminium and or Magnesium up to 9.9m (32.5ft) and Carbon up to 11.5m (37.5ft)
Our Tactical Ladder can be supplied with an optional hooking-in device for attaching to vertical obstacles, and or a wheel guided hook type accessory. Also our Tactical Ladders can be quickly configured for crossing barbed wire fences