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Aluminum Ladders

For model descriptions in English - please refer to the PDF information sheet or email us for additional queries

Carbon Ladders

Web Ladders

With covert operations in mind, our Foldable Tactical Ladders are
designed for silent operation, can be fitted with optional rubber wall
pads or synthetic fur for noise dampening.

Our Foldable Tactical Ladders can be deployed and fully extended in
seconds. Aviation grade materials CNC precision machined parts.

When folded our Tactical Ladders measure from only 0.5m to 1.1m
(1.6ft to 3.3ft) long x 0.4m (1.3ft) or less wide x 0.40 (1.3ft) deep and can easily be carried using our specially designed range of MOLLE backpack harness systems for ground marine and air bourne operations.

Our Tactical Ladders can connect to other matching ladder segments
increasing operational heights up to 11.5m (37.5ft).

Our Tactical Ladders come with a hooking-in device option for
attaching to vertical obstacles, and or a wheel guided hook type
accessory. Also our Tactical Ladders can be quickly configured for
crossing barbed wire fences and can be used as short bridges.

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